Table Session      $70

An office appointment for 60 minutes which may include Biofield work, a Sonic Meridian Flush,  Adrenal Reset, organ work and general areas of physical discomfort. 

Distance Session      $70

In a distance session, one is not present at the practitioner space and can be anywhere at the time of the scheduled appointment. It is 60 minutes done over the phone with the option of staying on the line during the whole session or two calls, one before and after the session. Distance sessions have more flexibility with scheduling. 

Relationship Session      $70

A session where two individuals are receiving Biofield tuning at the same time.  

Chair Session      $40

A 30 minute session where the individual is seated and Biofield work is done on the heart and throat chakras.

Four Sessions     $210

Book four 60 minute sessions online either Table, Distance or Relationship treatments.

Animal Sessions    $35 for distance session
Companion pets such as dogs and cats along with farm animals often suffer the same aliments as their human counterparts and will benefit from biofield work. This is a 30 minute session. For house and farm calls are available for an additional fee.