Eric Richards

Certified Biofield Practitioner, March 2018



Chef turned Biofield practitioner. What happened? Its a funny story. Eric was in a second-hand book store in Asheville and came across a title on a spine, Tuning the Human Biofield. Catching his interest he pulled the book off the shelf and saw the cover. Some what put off by the appearance it went back with the other books for fifty cents.  About two weeks later the same book was there and he looked at the first page and it was signed by Elieen. For less than a dollar, why not read it? And buy the third chapter Eric wanted to change careers.




Chauencey is the Distance session specialist and has been assisting Eric as a hologram that takes the place of the person receiving Distance work. Although not much of a conversationalist, Chauencey very much enjoys the position and social media. Chauencey can be followed on             .

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